How soy sauce helps a dish

Soy sauce is known for its salty taste, and is also used as a substitute for salt at times. It brings a unique taste to food.

Here are a few things that you did not know about soy sauce-

  1. When trying to cut down on salt, soy sauce will help, as it can be a healthy alternative to salt.
  2. Soy sauce helps remove the bad odours from food.
  3. In some foods soy sauce can help generate deep and tasty umami.
  4. It can help food stay fresh longer.
  5. Soy sauce can increase the flavour of the main element of the dish.
  6. Most importantly soy sauce makes the flavours bolder.
  7. Can save a bland dish.

But… if there is too much soy sauce that can be a problem as it would taste very salty. In that case add starch (potato, etc), or add something with high acid content (vinegar, lemon juice, etc).

Hope that helped.

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  1. Tamanna says:

    I always wondered… 🙂


  2. Soy sauce. I should use it more often.


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