What honey does to meat

In Shokugeki No Soma there was a recipe using honey. Soma did not have enough time to tenderize the beef that he was cooking, so he used honey. Honey works like pineapple juice, that can also tenderize meat.

Honey has enzymes called protease. Protease is known for the breaking down of protein, and it is also present in the human body and is part of the digestive process. Protein is present in meat. If meat is rubbed with honey, the proteins in the meat are broken down and therefore in turn tenderizes.

Beef is known to be tough so to tenderize it it needs to be braized for longer. Using this method the time for cooking can be shortened and it makes the food alot yummier.

To see the beef recipe where Soma uses honey, check out a post from my other blog: Beef Bourguignon recipe.

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    Very informative 🙂


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    Amazing very cool and intresting


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