Flavours ginger brings to dishes

Ginger is a spice that can be easily found in markets. This post will show why you should put ginger in your dishes.

How ginger helps a dish-

  1. It’s aroma is very flavourful and can help make the dish be more appetizing.
  2. It adds a yummy zingy flavour.
  3. It can be paired well with coriander, honey, lemon, mint, carrots, etc.
  4. Ginger does not need to be peeled, with the peel there is also a very strong flavour.
  5. Has a spicy tinge.
  6. Can be put in any dish ginger can be very versatile.

Sites referred to:



The Chemistry of Ginger – Flavour, Pungency & Medicinal Potential


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  1. Tamanna says:

    Lovely 🙂


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