How to peel a quartered potato

In the other blog there is a recipe for Gotcha Pork. In that recipe, first the potato needs to be cut in quarters with the peels and then it needs to be steamed. The problem that can occur is that taking off the peel off 28 quarters. It would take too much time and it would be hard.

An easy way to remove the peel is below:

  1. Get a quarter in your hand.
  2. Press lightly with your fingers. This will help to flatten the curved surface making the peel slip off easily.
  3. Grab the peel from one corner.
  4. Pull slowly

Doing this can make the whole peel come off and not in bits and pieces.

As in the Gotcha Pork needs mashed potatoes, it does not matter if while removing the peel it gets crushed, that will just make your job of mashing it easier.

Thanks ❤


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  1. Thanks, seeing that pork recipe made me wonder how I would be able to do this.


  2. Tamanna says:

    Love the blog! ❤


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